Deco Breeze Quilt: June 2022

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As a block-based quilt, you can rearrange the blocks in Deco Breeze to be at different points in the rows and create a whole different effect. Playing with color and where the lights and darks go can also create another look. Play around to see what effect you want to create with your version of this quilt!

Finished Size: 60" x 63"

Skill Level: Intermediate

Members, log in to download the PDF below, and share your work on Instagram using the hashtags #mqgquiltofthemonth and #showusyourmqg!

Kristyn Jansen has been creating, crafting, and making her entire life and comes from a family of makers. She has dabbled in many art mediums and came to quilting and garment sewing in her mid 20s. She’s been making quilts ever since.

Kristyn gathers design inspiration from all around her and through her travels. She loves to work with color and create varying palettes to work with. She has been coordinating the charity/outreach efforts for the San Diego MQG for the last five years, providing guild members with original block patterns, and has designed several of the guild’s QuiltCon Community Outreach Challenge quilts.

When she’s not working on a charity quilt project, you can usually find her exploring the outdoors in San Diego, where she lives with her husband, and posting about her life on instagram @kayhey13.