Color Wheel Basics for Quilters

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October 18, 2017
9pm EDT, 6pm PDT

Color wheels are a trending tool for quilters to help find attractive color combinations. But with so many to choose from, which color wheel is the best one for quilters to use? And how exactly do color wheels work? We’ll look back to find out where the color wheel came from, identify the most popular color systems used in a wheel, and discover how to explore new color combinations with fabrics in a color wheel.

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Erika Mulvenna is a fiber artist and color theory enthusiast whose work has been displayed at previous QuiltCon events. Erika inherited a love of art from her mother, who taught her to paint and sew at an early age. While earning her bachelor's degrees in both Fine Art and Fiber Art from the Southern Illinois University School of Art and Design, she was awarded the prestigious Rickert-Ziebold Trust Award for excellence in art. Currently residing in Chicago, Illinois, Erika continues to create bright, colorful quilts inspired by her love of color.