Creating Quilts with Meaning: Material, Form & Content

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Creating Quilts with Meaning: Material, Form & Content​
April 25, 2018
9pm EST, 6pm PST

As quilters, we make design decisions all the time. Our choices of fabrics, colours, techniques, and subject matter make our quilts unique and meaningful. This webinar will help you answer the question, "What is this quilt about?" and help you make sound decisions when creating your future quilts, whether they are made from a pattern or original designs.

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Andrea Tsang Jackson is an artist, designer and quilter based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Quilting has become the medium through which she can explore her interests in material, geometry, and place. Her background in architecture has allowed her to understand the design process from a variety of approaches. As an educator, she wants to inspire others to reach their own creative potential and to see themselves as designers of their own lives. Although her favourite colours to wear and design with are neutral, she loves to play with colour in her 3rd Story Workshop. You can find her at

Andrea is also a member of the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild.