Complementary and Contrasting Fabrics with Rebecca Bryan, Fresh Quilting 111

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In this episode of Fresh Quilting, Rebecca Bryan pulls complementary and contrasting fabrics from her stash to inspire her designs. Then, Luana Rubin shares ideas for charity quilts to spread comfort and warmth worldwide. Finally, Jen Carlton-Bailly cuts and sews curves with stunning results!

Fresh Quilting segments: Season 1, Episode 11


As a fourth-generation quilter, Rebecca Bryan grew up in a family of makers. Her mother graciously taught her everything she knew about sewing and helped Rebecca make her first official quilt for her first apartment. Rebecca has been quilting passionately ever since. Rebecca is a quilt designer, blogger, and author of Modern Rainbow: 14 Imaginative Quilts that Play with Color (Stash Books/C&T). She currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with her husband, four children, and one dog. You can find out more about Rebecca and her quilts by visiting her blog:

Luana Rubin is the co-owner of, and has worked as a designer in the quilt, textile and garment industries since 1980. She is a licensed designer for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, and a Bernina Ambassador. She is also a chairholder in the Color Marketing Group, an international color forecasting association. eQuilter donates 2% of sales to charity, and they have raised $1.4 million for a variety of organizations. Over 12,000 donated comfort quilts have been received at eQuilter from customers, and these are distributed around the world for disaster relief, orphans, and medical patients.

In a previous life, Jen Carlton-Bailly probably sold you a pair of jeans or khakis at The Gap. Today you’ll find her covered in thread and searching down the latest inspiration for a quilt. A self proclaimed master at curves, she finds pleasure in creating quilts with secondary patterns that make you stop and wonder. Originally from Utah, Jen found her way to Portland, Oregon via Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Seattle. While Portland is amazing, she misses the dry desert and the Rocky Mountains. Jen has a love for cats, cats on quilts, cats wearing costumes, baking, sewing, gin rummy, fabric, Vespas, and the Oxford comma. Jen has no love for Radiohead (she knows, she knows), socks, wool (she’s allergic), Candyland, and being called Jenny.