Cleaning and Stabilizing Vintage Fabric to use in Your Quilts

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Often, fabrics we salvage or save may be old, or possibly weakened from age and storage. But all is not lost! In this webinar, Blair will explain her strategies for preparing these fabrics to use in quilts. Bring these fabrics back to life and sew them into your patchwork to infuse a little history into your modern quilts.

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About Blair- With a background in apparel and fabric design, these days Blair applies the same color and styling principles learned in her textile career towards the quilts she designs, approaching each new quilt with a focused color story, mood board, and gathered bits of inspiration. She gets tons of inspiration from used, forgotten, saved, and vintage textiles she collects. Her newest book, Wise Craft Quilts: Turning Beloved Fabrics Into Personal Patchwork (Roost), features 21 projects that tell the stories of our lives through fabric, needle, and thread. Whether it be baby's first clothes, or a collection of Tyvek numbers from marathons and bike races that are stored away in a box, sewing pieces like these into quilt form creates a new level of appreciation for what they represent in your life and the lives of the ones you love. In addition to writing books, Blair also designs and produces original quilt patterns, teaches and lectures to quilts and groups across the US, teaches online classes, and designs quilting tools. She is online at