Bridges, December 2017

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"When designing quilts, I often give myself challenges to work with shapes I'm not comfortable with. I had done some designs working with curves, but I challenged myself to make a block that mixed curved piecing with rectangles or squares. While playing, I came up with this design. I was immediately drawn to the way the shapes reminded me of some of the bridges I've seen while exploring Oregon while visiting family. I chose these colors because they remind me of the way bridges are often decorated for the holidays." –Anne Sullivan


Anne Sullivan is an artist/creator whose primary mediums are quilting and programming. By day she is an assistant professor of Digital Media at University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL and makes computer games with crafting interfaces. In the evenings she plays the leading role of cat furniture for her two kitties Kaylee and Zoë. She loves everything to do with color and design. She appeared on the Fresh Quilting TV series and teaches workshops on how to apply design principles to quilt design. She is a member of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild and blogs at


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