Block Printing Repeat Patterns

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Creating repeat patterns is a timeless technique that is widely used in textile design. In this webinar with Pantera Saint-Montaigne, you’ll learn the essentials of printing repeat patterns on fabric. We’ll examine the way block printing, with small blocks, can be used to create larger patterns. You will also learn the different ways that repeat patterns are structured and with a little practice, you’ll be able to create designs that range from simple to multilayered repeats. 

Block Printing Resources

Brooklyn native, Pantera Saint-Montaigne is the printmaker, surface designer and driving force behind Brooklyn Mojo, Inc. Her beautiful textiles are designed, hand-printed and sewn into products in her home studio. A lifelong musician,Pantera began screen printing in 2013 and launched her company in 2014.

When she’s not in her studio printing, you’ll find her co-working with other creatives or researching new adventures in textile printing.