Beyond Modern Traditionalism: Blocks Inspired by Other Crafts

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Updating traditional blocks and pulling inspiration from nature or architecture are common practices in modern quilting, but it's harder to find quilts inspired by other crafts. In this webinar, Ginny will describe how she approached designing her afghan-inspired quilt, "Fauchet" and how her relationships and conversations with craftspeople in her area inspired other designs for modern quilts. You'll gain insight into some different ways to honor other crafts by translating them into quilt designs.

Ginny Robinson began quilting in 2009, inspired by her grandmother, who was born into a very long, unbroken line of Kansas quilters. Besides quilting, she also writes and teaches, so she feels pretty lucky anytime two or three of these activites come together. She currently finds inspiration in the way craft traditions can "speak" to each other, and of all quilty things, she loves applique the most because at its best, it's forgiving, a trait she seeks more and more in everything. She lives in North Carolina with her family and the best community of quilter friends anyone could ask for.