Badlands Quilt: July 2020

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The quilt designed by Cristina De Miranda is constructed using minimal vertical seams to avoid distracting the eye from the horizontal design. The quilt mimics the layers of earth and clay characteristic of dry Badlands terrain.

Finished Size: 55" x 70"
Skill Level: Advanced

Note: This pattern was updated on July 28, 2020


Cristina De Miranda has been crafting and creating since her early years watching Art Attack. A tactile world of colour, pattern and design opened up before her when she was introduced to quilting two years ago. She quickly dusted off her sewing machine and delved into a plethora of designer fabrics. Today, she is totally and irreversibly immersed in a whimsical world called Ships & Violins. Her designs are unconventional, comprising of bold colours, graphic elements, and dynamic layouts. Cristina is based in Toronto, Canada where she shares her studio with her huskyshepherd, Maia. You can follow Cristina @shipsandviolins on Instagram or visit to explore more of her work.