Awaken Your Inner COLOR Genius

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Join artist, writer, textile, and sewing pattern designer, Carrie Bloomston of SUCH Designs, as she helps you tap into your own innate sense of color. She'll discuss basic color theory and help you find your own resonant palette. Color is highly personal and there are a few tricks that can make it really fun and easy even for a beginning quilter or sewinista.

As a lifelong abstract painter who studied painting at Rhode Island School of Design, Carrie knows color. It is a language she speaks fluently and she can help you tap into your own savvy inner color genius. Carrie began her sewing and creativity brand four years ago by designing sewing patterns that reflected her sense of color, line, and space as a painter. Her mission has always been to help people celebrate their inner artist! Now she has turned her focus on the broader aspect of creativity in all its many forms. Her book on the topic was released with Stash Books in October 2014 and has a DVD with Interweave about design and composition techniques for fabric collage.