Astro Quilt: April 2020

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Imagine a future where people live in homes high above the clouds and drive around in cars that fly. The sky is always blue and a robot does all the cooking and cleaning leaving you all the time you need for quilting! Sound like a dream? Or maybe a bit like the Jetson’s?

The curves and straight lines of Astro are intended to convey such a futuristic landscape. The quilt is named in honor of the robotic dog from the show.

Patty, a recently retired software geek, is a mother of three and lives in North Carolina with her husband of 35+ years. Patty has been a maker for as long as she can remember and fell in love with quilting about 15 years ago. She loves all parts of the quilting process, even quilt math! Patty found her “people” in the Modern Quilt Guild and is the president of her local guild Triangle MQG. You can follow Patty on her Elm Street Quilts blog where she hosts a popular link-up, One Monthly Goal, inspiring fellow quilters to make progress on their projects and on Instagram @elmstreetquilts.