Arrows Quilt, February 2020

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" I love the big sky and the landscapes of the Southwestern USA. They bring back fond memories of cross country family road trips. The Navajo and Pueblo style art in textiles and pottery are my inspiration for many of my quilt designs. I am also drawn to triangles as a pleasing shape. So I frequently spend time playing with triangles in my EQ8 design software. This quilt design came about during some of that playtime." — Dawn Golstab


I have always been a “maker” of things. I have my parents to thank for instilling in me the desire to make it myself. Sewing is my medium of choice. After years of sewing clothing and home décor items, I made my first quilt in 2013 and immediately caught “quilt fever”.

I found my tribe in “modern” quilting when I attended the first 2013 MQG QuiltCon in Austin, Texas. Geometric designs, bold colors and alternate gridwork are building blocks of modern quilt making and of my design style.

I love creating quilts and have been honored to see my creations featured in national quilting magazines and exhibited in modern and traditional quilt shows locally and nationally. — Dawn Golstab