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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


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April 2018 Quilt of the Month: Rhythms and Reps

"I simply love the design process. Starting with a basic idea and using principles of design, I explore basic shapes, colors and the use of repeating patterns by playing in Illustrator. I often think in terms of the entire quilt being a composition much the way a photographer would think of using the entire frame to capture an image. Rhythms and Reps came about as I explored how different types of repetition can create a sense of rhythm within a composition. The Fibonacci sequence, which is a series of numbers in which each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers, is used for one of the strip sets. Other strip sets are made in regular intervals like thick and thin strips or evenly spaced strips. The background is based on simple mathematical sequence of even numbers.

Rhythms and Reps is constructed using a panel method. Constructing a quilt with panels allows for different sized areas of a quilt to be sewn together easily. When designing a quilt that will use panels, look for the places where two areas can be sewn together into a single larger area. Then how the next area can be added. In the case of Rhythms and Reps, there are 10 panels that are sewn into 3 basic larger sections and then joined to complete the top.

Once you understand the techniques used to construct this quilt, I encourage you to play with the basic concept. Create your own repetitions within the panels. Or even create new panels. Try different color combination in each panel."

 –Anne Deister

Anne is a founding member of the Boulder MQG and has been quilting for about 18 years. Her work has been featured in several magazine and book publications as well as QuiltCon exhibitions and International Quilt Festivals in Houston and Chicago. Most recently, she had a quilt hanging in the How New is Modern show at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum sponsored by the Denver MQG. Anne's quilt entitled Rhythm & Blues won 3rd place in the Use of Negative Space category at QuiltCon 2013 and is included in the new book Modern Quilt Design of the New Century by theMQG.


Anne’s has a masters degree in graphic design. After many years doing corporate graphic design, she now designs quilt patterns under the name Springleaf Studios.


Visit Anne at and follow her on Instagram @springleafstudios

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