Tuesday, June 5, 2018



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100 Days of Modern Quilting- Week of Tools- Featured Quilt 2

The tool that we’re featuring today is the specialty ruler, specifically the Quick Curve Ruler. There are many specialty rulers out there that are specifically designed to help you more easily piece a certain kind of quilt. The featured quilt today is the Curved Ruler Quilt by Alison Robins of Little Island Quilting in the Channel Islands. This quilt was actually designed by the ruler designer Jenny Pedigo but Alison’s version features bright modern fabrics and a personal spin on this pattern. Read on as Alison describes more.

Alison says:
I’m not a huge hoarder of tools for quilting (unlike fabric!). More a fly by the seat of your pants make it up as you go along kind of quilter. I don’t like following patterns hugely. Spend my ‘real’ life following rules and doing things the ‘right’ way so quilting has to be a ‘do it my way’ release from that.

However, when I saw the patterns Jenny was creating with the ruler I knew I was going to buy it. I’m particularly interested in her taking traditional blocks (such as the nine patch) and by using her ruler, changing it into something far more contemporary. When I have more spare moments in my day, I want to investigate more blocks like that.

I don’t belong to a Modern Quilt Guild. Live on a small island (pop. 60’000) where there is no ‘LQS’ and no quilt guild. There are very few people who I know of that quilt. 100% all of my inspiration and interaction with other quilters comes from online and I think has definitely shaped me as a quilter.

What do I think makes it modern? The design and the fabrics used. However one man’s meat is another man’s poison so that’s just my own thoughts on modern!

I have been quilting for over 15 years. I learnt (in Dutch) in the Netherlands. We hadn’t been living there long so I could talk about selvedges and straight of grain in Dutch but not order something in a shop!

As mentioned above, the ‘isolation’ of living on such a small island has definitely shaped me as a quilter and I have tried to reflect that on my blog by showing pictures of the little island in my blog header. However…it is rather a beautiful isolation so no complaints from me for living here!

Tool Used:
The Quick Curve Ruler is the specialty ruler that Alison used in this fun quilt. It was designed by Jenny Pedigo of Sew Kind of Wonderful. The great thing about specialty rulers is that there is unlimited room for creativity.

And the creator of the ruler, Jenny Pedigo is having a fun time herself exploring this ruler. You’ll find lots of patterns and ideas on her blog, Sew Kind of Wonderful.

Recently, she’s been exploring how to use the ruler in block based quilts. Here are two great examples:

Urban Deco Block by Jenny Pedigo


Urban Nine Patch Block by Jenny Pedigo

The possibilities are endless. What is your favorite specialty ruler?