What should we do in Pasadena

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Julie McCoy
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What should we do in Pasadena

Ruth and I, two Aussies, will be coming to Quiltcon 2016.   Since we don't know Pasadena at all, we would love some input from local ladies on what to do and see in Pasadena outside Quiltcon (if we have time!!).   Very excited about visiting Pasaden and Quiltcon.....so many sleeps to go!

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Specifically in Pasadena: Huntington gardens, lunch on Colorado Blvd. Gamble house, Norton Simon museum. 

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I echo what the previous person wrote - Norton Simon Museum (& sculpture garden w/ small cafe), Gamble House, Huntington Gardens/Library and the Pacific Asia Museum are all easy to get to in Pasadena.  Nearby is South Pasadena (5 minutes by car or by light rail Metro train/Gold Line), which has some good cafes to eat at, as well, and it's a little off the beaten path.

Julie McCoy
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Thanks LizAlma and Pamelarae - we are taking notes and planning.    I believe there may be a group called Aussies in Pasadena Quiltcon....Iwill also try and link up with them.   There may be a Brits in Pasadena Quiltcon too.....for our English girls.  So excited to get to Quiltcon and meet all our like minded friends from all over the world. :)



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Thank you for this kind help. I am a Brit travelling to QuiltCon with a friend and her daughter and we are arriving the weekend before so hope to get around before the Show starts. I plan to get a travel guide (book not human!) and try and work out how easy or difficult it is to get around the LA area - for example to go to the Getty. Once the Show starts I shall immerse myself in that. I have never been to California before so am really looking forward to it and with luck an escape from our winter.

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I recommend spending a little time downtown in the textile district- it is kind of gritty (not your typical quilt shop experience at all- a lot of fabric down here is sold wholesale but all is available retail) but I always get great finds and going to Michael Levine's is always fun. There are more shops selling quilting cotton in recent years but that one is reliable. Bringing cash pays (many, but not all shops, haggle). I park at the roof top garage on Cecillia St btwn 8th and 9th St- never had a problem there. The garment district is adjacent as well if you are really adventurous.

Otherwise, February is when the camellias are in bloom so I enjoy Decanso Gardens in addition to the Huntington. There are also a lot of wonderful museums- downtown on Bunker Hill, as well as on Wilshire (LACMA). If you end up near LACMA, be sure to have lunch at the Farmers Market.

The Port of Los Angeles has Crafted, a weekend maker market and part of a revitalization effort in that neighborhood. We really enjoyed the tour of the USS Iowa in that neighborhood. South of there is Long Beach, which has great food as well as the Aquarium, if that is your thing (I seem to visit an aquarium every time I travel and always enjoy that).

Do pack for rain! Although kind of a joke in recent years, February is really part of our rainy season and while it may or may not materialize in El Nino form (which is the only time it is genuinely a potential stay at home weather event for a few hours) or at all otherwise (just plain variety rainy season), you will likely still be able to enjoy getting around and seeing things provided you have a raincoat and an umbrella.

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If you have a car and have a free evening, then go have cocktails at Yamashira's and you'll have a really nice view. It is fairly close to the Griffith Park Observatory and the Hollywood Hills sign, so kind of an iconic thing to do if this is your first time to CA. (Also, very close to the Chinese Theater and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.) Call them first to make sure you can just go have cocktails as it has been over 30 years since I was last there... though I am thinking of dragging my friend with me on Friday or Saturday night to go have a drink there myself.

Nice article about the history of the place http://www.kcet.org/socal/departures/columns/lost-landmarks/yamashiro-a-feudal-fortress-in-the-hollywood-hills.html

I second a trip to Michael Levine's in the Garment District - there are also shops that have other than quilting cottons like Linen which you can bargain a little if you buy more than a couple of yards and use cash.