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Triangle Quilt Challenge

Have the triangle templates been mailed and/or received?  I requested one but never got confirmation if I was accepted.  Haven't seen any posts about it, is anyone else participating?

~Andi in Arizona

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I just got my triangle in the mail today : )

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Oh my!  I better go to the mail box!  I hope my triangles are there!


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I received my triangle!  And I have some tiny triangles cut and ready to start stitching! 



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I have been thinking of the same thing but no ruler here yet.  Though the MM challenge fabric didn't arrive days after others have gotten theirs so I am hopeful even though I didn't get a confirmation.  I really wish they send confirmation as they had before so I don't have to be antsy to know whether or not I got in.



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Where does one find details of the Triangle Quilt Challenge? I received my triangle template and don't know what to do next. When is the deadline? And do I upload my entry the same way as the Riley Blake Challenge? More info, please.

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Here's the link to the challenge info:

You need to enter it into QuiltCon to enter the challenge so the deadline is the QuiltCon entry deadline.

Andres Rosales
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HERE are the details of the Triangle Quilt Challenge. The Triangle Quilt Challenge is a QuiltCon quilt show category, to be eligible to win you must submit your quilt to the QuiltCon show. HERE are the QuiltCon submission guidelines. 

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