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Lorna Shapiro

Location: Vancouver | | CA

Membership: Vancouver BC MQG

Contact me at:
Phone: 604-250-8698

Technique / Topics:
Design, Inspiration, Modern traditionalism, Personal journey

History, Culture, Inspiration:

In-person / Virtual Offerings:
Virtual lecture, Virtual trunk show

I believe in designing quilts that speak to our own individual hearts and aesthetic preferences, not quilts that conform to someone's rules about what a quilt should be. But in order to do that I had to spend time exploring the principles of design and examining why some quilts spoke to me and others did not. I had to find my own aesthetic! Being an IT person by training, this took some learning that was outside my previous box. It has been a very satisfying journey and my Zoom lectures all focus on helping quilters without a formal training in design learn to design quilts that speak to their hearts. People who participate in my lectures have been generous in their praise and appreciative of learning specific ideas and techniques that they can put to use in their personal design projects.