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How To Add A Photo That's Hosted Elsewhere To A Post.

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How To Add A Photo That's Hosted Elsewhere To A Post.

If you're writing a post and you want to add a photo that's hosted elsewhere online follow these instructions:


You'll want the image you want to share opened in another tab or have the URL copied to your clipboard already. If not, highlight the URL of the image, right click, and then click on Copy.

In the formatting bar in the text editor click on the Image button.

Paste the URL into the URL field then click the circular arrow button. Although your photo will be automatically sized to fit you can manually resize the image using the Width and Height fields. Finally, click OK.

Keep typing, or if you're done with your post, click Save (or Post).


In order to embed flickr pictures you'll need to do one of two things:

1. You need a URL to your photo that looks something like this: To get this URL you click on the Share button in the lower right hand corner of the flickr screen, click Grab the HTML/BBCode (make sure HTML is picked) then copy/paste the URL in the field shown in the above tutorial. You'll then need to erase everything but the part of the URL that starts with http://farm and ends with .jpg. For example, the URL for the picture I'll share at the end of this post is:

► In the Share pop-up you have the option to change the size of the picture (as it appears in the MQG forums, not the size of the original). The photo will be resized if you pick a size that is too large for the forum to display correctly.

2. In the comment editor box click Switch to Plain Text Editor.

Copy and paste the HTML code directly into the comment box then click on Switch to Rich Text Editor.

Your flickr photo is embedded in your post! Finish the post then click Save (or Post).



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