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Submit a Task Force Proposal

Task Forces Requirements
In order for submissions to be considered:

  • Task forces must align to the MQG and mission: “To support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education, and community.”
  • Task forces can only be submitted by current MQG members

Submission Considerations:
It is important to consider that not all task force proposals will become a task force. Many key factors are considered before a task force is accepted. Successful proposals should consider the following:

  • How complete and thorough is your application?
  • How does this task force directly align with the MQG’s mission?
  • What is the impact to MQG members?
  • Is the timeline and budget reasonable for the scope of the project?
  • Is there a potential conflict of interest? For example, are you a business owner proposing a task force that would directly benefit your business?
  • Task force applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. There is no deadline. However, if you are proposing a task force that is directly related to an event (for example, QuiltCon), we strongly suggest proposing several months in advance
  • An approved task force will be activated as soon as resources, including budget are available. An estimated start date will be provided once the task force is approved.

Evaluation of Submissions:
Proposals will be reviewed by the Task Force Evaluation Committee. Proposals are reviewed as they are received. The Committee will review the proposal and respond to the applicant within 30-60 days. However, the nature of the request (such as time-sensitive proposals) may expedite the evaluation process. A member of the Committee will contact the applicant if there are any questions about the proposal and/or when a decision has been rendered. 

Email Heather Grant.

Submit Your Task Force Proposal