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QuiltCon Jurying and Judging Policies Task Force

Our goal was to launch a task force to review and define the jurying and judging policies for QuiltCon. The task force researched the historical context, current climate and best practices of other worldwide quilt shows to ensure and encourage a showcase of original work. The Jurying and Judging Task Force reviewed quilt entry criteria, jurying and quilt categories directly related to the issues of copyright for QuiltCon. The rules and guidelines the task force enabled will apply to QuiltCon entries only.

Key Deliverables
The Jurying and Judging Task Force was responsible for creating rules and guidelines related to quilt entry for QuiltCon. The task force was responsible for the following:

  • Proposing guidelines for entry into QuiltCon with respect to copyright and derivative work
  • Adding new rules or language for the QuiltCon entry form as needed
  • Revising the Judging or Jurying Process documents if necessary
  • Reviewing current QuiltCon quilt categories to determine if new categories may be established (such as a Pattern category)

The Jurying and Judging Task Force completed its work in July 2017. 

Volunteer Commitment
This was a short-term, high-impact volunteer opportunity. Volunteers were expected to meet weekly from mid-April to July for approximately one hour to review the week’s tasks and next steps. Each week, work was distributed in increments ranging from 1-3 hours of work per volunteer per week.

Any and all MQG members were invited to apply. We sought members who were able to consider many different viewpoints and consider impacts to the MQG and its members. Additionally, selected candidates were comfortable working within a group setting. Members with the following experience were given preference:

  • Professional or volunteer experience in a jurying or judging process. This is not limited to quilt shows, but could include art, museum, or gallery juries, judging for any competition, etc. 
  • Intellectual property attorneys

Candidates for the Jurying and Judging Task Force were reviewed by the MQG staff and board members who are also part of this task force. 

While the work and output of this task force was transparent to all members, task force members were exposed to some sensitive information during the course of their work. This was to provide context and help the task force make informed decisions regarding QuiltCon’s judging and jurying policies. In order to ensure our members’ privacy, task force members were required to sign a confidentiality agreement covering only this contextual background information. 


  • Alissa Haight Carlton, Executive Director
  • Shannon Page, Board Representative
  • 4-6 MQG Members

Task Force's Benefits to Members

Clear, official rules regarding copyright, reproductions, derivative work and inspired work for QuiltCon entry.

Supporting Documents


The Task Force concluded their work in July 2017. You can see a list of their findings and documentation at