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Individual Members Community Building Task Force

This task force's goal will be to develop a plan forward to connect individual members more. This will make the community aspect of the MQG more robust as it will apply to individual members as well as local guild members.

The Individual Members Community Building Task Force will develop ideas, programs and practices that would enhance the individual MQG community.

The Individual Members Community Building Task Force will set its own timeline.

Expected Volunteer Commitment
This is a short-term, high-impact volunteer opportunity. Volunteers will be expected to meet every other week (or as needed) until the work is compete. Work will be distributed in increments ranging from 1-3 hours of work per volunteer per week.

Any and all individual MQG members are invited to apply. We are seeking members who are able to consider many different viewpoints and consider impacts to the MQG and its members. Additionally, candidates should be comfortable working within a group setting.

Candidates for the Task Force will be reviewed by the MQG Task Force Panel and staff and board members who are also part of this task force. 


  • Shruti Dandekar, MQG Board Member and Individual Member
  • Staff input: Amanda Hines, MQG Member & Sponsor Manager

Task Force's Anticipated Benefits to Members

New ideas, programs and policies that will improve the individual MQG member community.


The Task Force is in progress, and is scheduled to be completed in 2018.