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Inclusion and Diversity Task Force

The Modern Quilt Guild seeks to foster a vibrant and inclusive organization built on encouragement and mutual respect, where all feel welcome.  As an important step towards this goal, the MQG Board of Directors has approved the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion (D & I) Task Force. 

Our goal is to launch a task force to:

  • Perform research on "best current practice" for inclusion by design for groups like the MQG
  • Solicit membership input on D&I Topics
  • Develop recommendations for how the MQG can proactively embrace diversity and be inclusive by design, including a particular focus on identifying educational opportunities for the MQG community.

The D & I Task Force will be responsible for creating recommendations to the MQG board of directors for review and action.

The D & I Task Force will set its own timeline.

Expected Volunteer Commitment
This is a short-term, high-impact volunteer opportunity. Volunteers will be expected to meet every other week (or as needed) until the work is compete. Work will be distributed in increments ranging from 1-3 hours of work per volunteer per week

Any and all MQG members are invited to apply. We are seeking members who are able to consider many different viewpoints and consider impacts to the MQG and its members. Additionally, candidates should be comfortable working within a group setting.

Candidates for the Task Force will be reviewed by the MQG Task Force Panel and staff and board members who are also part of this task force. 

While the work and output of this task force will be transparent to all members, task force members will be exposed to some sensitive information during the course of their work.

Andrew Joslyn, MQG Board Chair

Task Force's Anticipated Benefits to Members

Clear guidelines for the MQG board to determine policies regarding inclusion and diversity.


The Task Force is in progress, and is scheduled to be completed in 2018.