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Development Task Force

Development Task Force Description

Launch a pilot task force/committee model hybrid which is a growing standard for non-profit associations. The Development Task Force will establish the criteria, application requirements and process for task forces as a way to engage members in decisions within the MQG. The process developed by the Development Task Force will be tested on a pilot task force.

Key Deliverables
The Development Task Force is responsible for developing the complete internal and external process of task forces to increase member engagement, organization transparency and strategic alignment. The task force is responsible for the following:

  • Benchmark Research
  • Task Force Suggestion Form & Process
  • Task Force Review & Evaluation Process
  • Volunteer Application Form & Agreement
  • Volunteer Onboarding & Training
  • Volunteer Evaluation Process
  • Communications Timeline
  • Communications Process
  • Task Force Best Practices

The Development Task Force completed activities December 20, 2016.

Heather Grant, Director of Marketing & Programming, Austin Modern Quilt Guild
Catherine Dutton, VP Communications, McKinney Modern Quilt Guild
Jodi McLaughlin, Austin Modern Quilt Guild
Cynthia Morgan, President, Boulder Modern Quilt Guild
Jordyn Rush, Treasurer & In-coming President, Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild
Kelly Kay Spurlock, President, Calgary Modern Quilt Guild

Task Force's Anticipated Benefits To Members

  • Recruit volunteers based on professional experience for a more robust organization
  • Includes a process for suggestions from membership giving them a voice
  • Increased transparency as all task forces are posted on the website
  • Start and end date for volunteering with a limited time commitment opens opportunities to more members

Supporting Documents


  • The Development Task Force has completed their work and presented at the MQG Town Hall on January 28 (see link above). The task force will exist for approximately 1 year to determine issues new task force may need guidelines around.