Committees & Task Forces

MQG Task Forces

The guild is exploring a new member engagement model for getting member feedback and input into MQG decisions with the launch of task forces. The pilot program is being conducted from October 2016 through October 2018. If successful, the task force/committee model will replace most Committees. If you have questions about task forces, please email

If you have an idea for a task force that brings benefits to MQG members, please submit a task force proposal.

Current Task Forces Expected Completion Date Status
QuiltCon Jurying and Judging 2018 Task Force June-July 2017 In Progress


Completed Task Forces Completion Date Results
Development Task Force December 2016 Completed



MQG Committees

A number of committees provide support and guidance to the guild while helping to advance the mission of the MQG. Established in November 2013, the goal of our committees is to involve MQG members in strategic decisions and the development of the organization.

These committees are comprised of volunteer members and are chaired by a member of the MQG Board of Directors, a staff member or a general member.

Active Committees

Committee Chair Role
Charity Committee Carole Lyles Shaw Oversees the application process and project management of coordinated worldwide efforts of our members and member guilds work on projects, in support of our philanthropic mission to improve life for those in transition.
Task Force Committee Heather Grant Oversees the task force process and evaluates incoming task force applications.
Executive Committee (Board) Jacquie Gering Oversees employment contract process.
Leadership Committee Lee Monroe Plans and oversees supporting documents, events and webinars for guild leaders, including the Leadership Breakfast at QuiltCon.
Nominating Committee* Alissa Haight Carlton

Researches and identifies potential board candidates and oversees board member applications. 

*Current Nominating Committee members are not eligible to run for board member positions.

Former Committees

Committee Chair Role
Administration Commitee Jules McMahon Includes legal, HR, policies and procedures, IT, technology purchases and long-term planning. Handles and oversees finances. Works with the staff and other committee chairs to produce annual reports
Education Committee Andrew Joslyn & Shannon Page Supports skill growth within membership; supports development and implementation of education support; seeks outlets for membership education. Educates other guilds and judges about judging modern quilts. Provides input to instructor and lecturer recruitment process.
Membership Committee Andres Rosales Handles and oversees membership details from the database to addressing member concerns; oversees the developing of documents for guild support; acts as primary contact person to our internal members; funnels member concerns to the Board of Directors; oversees annual membership survey. Develops documents for guild support.